Windows Mobile

At JAML Enterprise we are passionate about developing solutions, especially for PDA’s and mobility. Below you will find some useful software and articles that will help you get the most out of your PDA.

MvRTrueVGA – A utility that allows Pocket PC users with VGA screens to run Windows Mobile in True VGA mode.

Mobile Stock Tracker – Keep track of your stocks and portfolio on your mobile phone, PDA or BlackBerry.

Other Projects

BlackBerry Games – A collection of OTA download links to games that work well on a BlackBerry device.

CreateApp – This is a small batch script to help with the creation of Pocket PC installation files.

PocketCSharp – Repackage of the program PCSharp written by Vitaliy Pronkin that works on WM5.

ROM Creation – Outline of how to edit and write a ROM to a Dell Axim X51v.

Converting Books into eBooks – Instructions on how to digitize a book to be able to read it on your Pocket PC.

Wordnet 2.0 Dictionary – to be used with MDict.

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